Wednesday, February 24, 2010

cute kids

This is not Jed or Loree, it is the neighbor Bre. I am hi-jacking the Jensen's blog to post some cute pics I had of their kids...lets see how long it takes for them to notice.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Summer Fun!

We had a great summer, but it would be impossible to properly blog everything from this summer, so I am just going to post some of the pictures that we captured this summer. It is too bad that summer isn't 11.5 months of the year! This cold weather and snow is terrible!Spring Training! First game at Dodger's new Camelback Ranch! We took Grandma and Grandpa Baer to the game. Nothing quite like spring training in AZ!

Yeah.....we drove to AZ! It was cool to see Hover Dam!
Ripken's First Birthday! And "Yes" that is a homemade attempt at making a baseball birthday cake. It wasn't real pretty, but it was pretty good!
Ripken liked his new birthday bike!
Baby Animal Days! Ripken and London thought it was pretty cool to hold these soft bunnies.Easter! London and Ripken matched in their little green outfits.

London turned 3!!! Time flies!

4th of July! Just chill'n at a park with Family and Friends. Pitching bags, kids playing with sparklers, listening to Neal Diamond's "Coming to America"......good times. I miss the summer!

George Strait Concert with Lance and Jann Leishman at Usana in Salt Lake. George is the man!

24th of July Fireworks in Mendon! We are kind of firework junkies.......
This was London's look most days in the summer. She loves playing dress up! Aren't little girls so much fun?!
London and Ripken had a great time playing in the sand at Bear Lake. We had our yearly Roundy camp trip at Bear Lake, and it was a good time. Loree was a little freaked out by the mice in the camp ground.....okay, A LOT freaked out!
We had another fun weekend at Bear Lake at Scott and Andi's with the some friends!
I played quite a bit of baseball again this summer. I know I am getting old, but I still love to play! I don't think I will ever grow up. The Providence Wolverines were able to win another championship. London and Ripken had a fun time playing at the park 3 nights a week, and I don't think Loree got to watch much of the games because she was constantly chasing the kids.
Ripken trying to catch a Whopper! We spent a lot of days and nights this summer out at Grandpa Roundy's fish pond. Ripken thought fishing consisted of putting the tip of the fishing pole in the line, hook, or bait needed! Oh yeah, and he had to do it all himself.
Grandpa Roundy put in a 150 foot Redneck Waterslide out at the pond! It was seriously fun!
London's 1st day of Pre-School! She loves it! She gets to do tumbling or swimming every day.
London played kickball this year. She cried through a game and I think she slept through two games. When she did play, she loved it.
Somehow I got volunteered to be the coach! It is difficult to get 3 year olds to do was fun though.

Ripken has been in charge of Updates!

We left Rip in charge of updating the that is why it has been 10 months. Okay, okay, that isn't true. I am just lazy I suppose. I guess I should have taught Loree to "fish" instead of "catching her a fish!" I will try to do better with the updates.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy 28th Birthday Jed!

This is Jed writing this blog. I had a very Happy Birthday! London and Ripen drew me a nice picture and gave lots of kisses. London continued to tell me "Happy Birthday Daddy" for a solid week after my actual birthday. It was the best! Loree made a cake and I got a much needed winter coat and snow pants. I can't believe I am 28! That is so old!

We went up to the hospital to see my new nephews on my Birthday. Justin and Melanie had twin boys and named them Maddox and Murphy. They are so cute! You forget how little new babies are. Murphy was in the ICU for about 5 days, but he is home now and they are both doing great. After seeing the baby we went to dinner with some friends and family at Cafe Rio. We capped off the night with some cake and ice cream and a church basketball game. All in all, it was a fun day!

London and Ripken helped me blow out the candles.

Yes, London is smiling like a pirate still. She still closes one eye on probably 90% of the pictures that she is in. She learned how to "say cheese" and "what does a pirate say" at about the same time. She still gets them mixed up for some reason. We are working on that.

Me and my Beautiful Bride on my B-Day! Isn't she Hot?!

Cafe Rio is the best! I could eat "pork burrito, black beans, mild sauce, enchilada style" every day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a good ol' time ringing in 2009! (that rymes) We played rock band and played some games with friends. It was a riot! Good food, good company, great party! Thanks Darwin and Debbie Maughn for hosting!
The Fella's....unless they left at 12:01!

The Lovely Ladies!

Jed trying to open a heavily taped present with oven mits and an apron! Fun game! Thanks J.D. and Ashley!

Jon Robinson trying to unwrap the unwrappable present! Braden must have been going for a kiss here.....

One last dinner with my girls in 2008! It always seems hard to get together because everyone has a lot going on......but when we get together, it is SO MUCH FUN! Next time I hope everyone can make it.


Santa Clause ended up coming to town! London must have patched things up. We enjoyed the beautiful snow and the pretty Christmas lights. Our favorite thing was to drive around on snowy nights in the Jeep and look at Christmas lights. It was pretty with all of the snow.

Christmas was great! We spent a lot of time with family, and just hung out. The kids had a fun time playing with all of their cousins. London has several cousins about her age on both sides of the family. She played hard all day and night on an extreme sugar high from all of the Christmas goodies.
London loves her new Curious George that Grandma Jensen gave to her!

Jed and Ripken getting ready to open a present.

How do we look after Christmas at home, and at both of our families? It was a long but fun day for all of us!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is Santa Coming to Town?

One of London's favorite things is to go to nursery and "play with the kids" and "draw pictures". She is always so excited to show us her pictures that she made during nursery! Well, she recently went into our pantry and climbed up the shelves to where she could reach the box of pens, pencils, etc. Out of probably over 100 writting utensils, she happened to grab a BLACK SHARPIE! She climbed down and somehow got the lid off. She then colored EVERYTHING that she could possibly reach in our pantry! The Walls! The Shelves! The Floor! The Door! The Crock Pot! Every Can, Bottle, Box, that she could reach! Everything!

London is now doing what she can to mend things up with Santa before the big day...... well as being nice to her brother Ripken, and helping around the house. She helped her mom decorate our new beautiful artificial Christmas tree! Mommy thinks it is a little sad not to have a real tree for the first time, but it was much easier, and it is very pretty. Santa coming to town? I guess we will have to wait and see.....